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What would Google say if you’d ask ‘why should I eat organic’?

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This weeks newsletter is an extract from a great article written by Joanna Blythman for the Guardian this week, titled:  Why Should I Eat Organic? You asked Google - here’s the answer.

"Can you afford organic? The annoying thing is that because the true environmental and health costs of chemical agriculture (pollution, soil erosion, ill health, animal suffering and more) are “externalised” , that is, not accounted for up front in calculations of the “efficiency” of our existing food system, organic food generally costs more. But choosing organic whenever you can nevertheless makes good sense. After only 75 years, the industrial agriculture food system that we have been locked into is patently cracking at the seams. It is becoming ever more obvious that it is structurally incapable of delivering safe, healthy food, treating animals humanely, or taking care of the environment. Organic is the only organised, coherent, global alternative to this failed industrial food experiment."

We couldn't agree more! To read the full article, click here.

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