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Spring has sprung for Organic September!

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It's a week earlier than the calendar says but Spring has certainly sprung across our farms here in the Northern Rivers region and I've been wearing t-shirts and shorts all week helping out our Intern Andy on our farm in Myocum get new veggie beds ready for planting.  Not only has it been warm but I had my first encounter of the season with a red belly black snake (the snake and I are both unharmed), some of the winter veggies have bolted and gone to seed and Ella my 3 year old daughter went for a dip in the dam, a true sign that Spring has arrived! Throughout this spring and summer growing season we'll be introducing a few new veggies to your boxes, Japanese turnips, radish, beetroot bunches and purple carrots amongst others.  All in an effort to get your taste buds doing somersaults of delight.  As the years have gone by since I first started working on an organic farm in 1995 the seed industry has changed significantly and the available varieties of vegetables have reduced considerably as plant breeders have focused on developing higher yielding and faster growing crops.  However this compromises not only the nutritional value of the crops but the complex favours found in the more traditional varieties are lost and tasteless vegetables in the kitchen are often the result.  Also rather shockingly Monsanto now owns 23% of the global seed trade and is negotiating to buy Syngenta who own a further 9%. This homogenisation of agriculture by BIG-AG is not something I either believe in or wish to support, which is why we are working hard to keep developing our MCO food system that supports our local farmers, looks after the land and produces food that is not only nutritionally dense but tastes great! Visit the shop

Organic September

Australian Organic Awareness Month   Here at Munch Crunch Organics we love everything the Soil Association does to increase awareness about the importance of keeping our soils healthy to be able to continue growing healthy food for future generations. Choosing to eat organic means you encourage more farmers to grow organic and look after the soil. 'Organic your September' aims to encourage more people to make a change to choosing organic more ofter, be it dairy, meat, cosmetics, a veg box or your daily cuppa. We know we don't need to convince you that choosing organic is better for you and the planet, but maybe you have a friend or family member you'd like to send some information to encouraging them to make their small change in choosing organic - so that together we can make a B I G difference! => Read more on their blog on ‪#‎OrganicSeptember‬ - and how many small changes make a BIG difference! www.soilassociation.org/organicseptember

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This week's Seasonal Box

Munch Crunch Organics box order deadlinesThe likely box contents for this week's Medium Seasonal box are: Sweet Potato - Gold (500g) Peas - Shelling (250g) Kale - baby cavolo nero (150g) Apples (1kg) Spinach - Bunch (bunch) Oranges - Navel Premium (1kg) Lemons (500g) Pumpkin - JAP (500g) Chinese veg bunch (pak choi, tatsoi or bok choi) (bunch) Banana - Cavendish (1kg) And don't forget to add further items (extra fruit, veg, bread, dairy, pantry items etc) to your box.

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