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Get our free Veggie Special cookbook, inspired by the seasonal produce that has been in this year's organic boxes, when you sign up for our free weekly newsletter. Do you love veggies as much as we do at Munch Crunch Organics? Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or anything in between there is no doubt that eating plenty of vegetables is an essential component to good health.  With the many different types of vegetables available to us it is important to choose the right combination to give you plenty of nutrition to meet your bodies daily requirements.

The choice we have as a consumer to support our health and the environment is through what we choose to eat. If more of us were to choose organic produce then we would change the face of the agriculture industry.  A positive effect of this would be an improvement in animal welfare standards, a reduction in carbon emissions and an increase in biodiversity and wildlife.  As a Social Enterprise business Munch Crunch Organics is committed to doing what it can to help bring about positive change.

This book is a compilation of the recipes created by Kelly Fielding, from Bella and Bhakti. Kelly is a vegan chef and creates amazing meals out of any combination of fresh, seasonal, local and organic vegetables. We hope these recipes are a source of inspiration for you to be creative in the kitchen and create something veggie special!

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