On being a ‘climatarian’ and a new year, new products

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Have you ever considered becoming a climatarian or perhaps a reducetarian, sounds pretty funky hey, well I reckon we should all give it a go. If your wondering what I’m talking about the definition of a climatarian is "someone who’s diets primary goal is to reverse climate change. This includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and using every part of ingredients (apple cores, cheese rinds, etc.) to limit food waste". If eating cheese rinds doesn’t sound too appealing to you then how about becoming a reducetarian instead….this is a ‘make your own rules’ version of climatarianism. With the focus on eating less meat, whether by cutting it out entirely or establishing your own limits. The term was first coined by Brian Kateman, who realized that uniting climate-minded eaters and hardcore vegetarians could inspire a bigger movement, who gave a great TEDx talk on the subject last year (watch the talk here). The above paragraph is an extract from the Huffington Post, for the full article, which is well worth a read and a share (read the full article). Have a great weekend, Farmer Al
New year, new products! We have updated our shop and added many new delicious products - check out the 'pantry' and 'cereals, nuts & baking' shop categories for a large selection of new items to add to your seasonal organic box. And due to popular demand: coffee is back in our shop! A mild roast from Eco Organics - both available as beans and ground coffee, This means: - There is more variety at a better price available for you - You can now order those items up till Monday 2 pm! => Note: the cut-off time for bread, dairy and sprouts remains Monday 8am.
This week's Seasonal Box: The likely box contents for this week's Medium Seasonal box are:

Carrots (500g) Apples (750g) Oranges - Navel Premium (750g) Banana - Cavendish (750g) Cucumber - Green (400g) Potatoes - Dutch Creams (1kg) Lettuce - Cos (each) Mint (bunch) Spinach - English Baby (150g Bag) Pumpkin - JAP (500g) Peas - Snow (100g) Eschallots - baby (bunch)

And don't forget to add further items (extra fruit, veg, bread, dairy, pantry items etc) to your box.
Visit the shop to add the ingredients to your box

Visit the shop to add the ingredients to your box


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