New Year’s resolutions? And first deliveries of 2016!

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Happy New Year, hope you had a great Christmas and managed to squeeze in a couple of organic treats! Can you believe it is 2016, this sounds like a future date from a sci-fi movie. 4/1000 is another futuristic sounding number but is one that I hope is embraced by farmers, agribusiness and governments across the world. 4/1000 is a French initiative aiming to build soil carbon to ensure food security and mitigate climate change, both of which are complementary to each other. 4/1000 is a voluntary action plan that was launched during the recent Paris Climate Summit and has been signed by many organisations including IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement. A 0.4% annual growth rate of the soil carbon stock would make it possible to stop the present increase in atmospheric CO2. 50% of agricultural soils across the planet are degraded and increasing the soil organic matter by good organic and sustainable farming practice such as minimum tillage, cell grazing and adding compost will reverse soil degradation, whilst increasing food security and slowing down climate change. 1500 billion tonnes of carbon are stocked in soil organic matter, which is twice more carbon than in the atmosphere. For a more detailed explanation of how beneficial 4/1000 can be to us this great article puts it in an Australian context and there is also a neat video clip that I’d encourage you to share via your social media platforms. New years resolutions come and go but if everybody on the planet could make one resolution that is of benefit to the environment then the ramifications could be hugely beneficial to us as a species. Organic farming has been proven time and time again to increase organic matter levels in the soil and as the above paragraph says it also has the potential to slow down climate change. I encourage you to make a resolution that encourages more farmers to farm organically by eating more organic food, ultimately it is consumer demand for organic food that is going to encourage farmers to change farming practices for the better. Why not even make 2 or 3 resolutions that will benefit the environment such as riding to work one day a week instead of taking the car or planting a tree. Did you know that just one mature tree not only pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere but also produces enough oxygen to allow 4 people to breathe fresh air. Wishing you all the best for 2016. Yours organically, Alasdair and the Munch Crunch team

This week's Seasonal Box:

The likely box contents for this week's Medium Seasonal box are: Corn - Sweet (2 cobs) Coriander (bunch) Apples (750g) Oranges - Navel Premium (750g) Banana - Cavendish (750g) Carrots (750g) Potatoes - Dutch Creams (1kg) Lettuce - Cos (each) Pumpkin - JAP (500g) Peas - Snow (100g) Chinese veg bunch (bunch)

And don't forget to add further items (extra fruit, veg, bread, dairy, pantry items etc) to your box.
Visit the shop to add the ingredients to your box

Visit the shop to add the ingredients to your box


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