Meet Ofer! And what’s invisibly green?

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Great news for all you folks living in Brisbane as we now have our own delivery driver, Ofer (find his introduction below). As a small and ethical social enterprise it is important for us that the people delivering your organic boxes are friendly, happy and healthy people that believe in what we do.  We were finding that more often than not with the third party courier services that we were previously using the care factor was neglected, which does a disservice to your organic boxes and our local organic farmers that work hard to grow the food that goes in them. Between Ofer, Gus and Mike we feel that the organic food we grow for you is in good hands and kept cool all the way from our warehouse to your homes in our insulated vans.  The guys have always got time for a chat so if your home when we deliver and have any questions or feedback always free to ask them or if your prefer give Margreet or James a ring in the office or send me an email.  We are always happy to help and are striving to bring back good old fashioned customer service to match the quality of our certified organic produce. Have a great week and if your heading South on the highway for your holidays don't forget to drop into one of our friends stores at Oliver's Real Food for some convenient and organic food!
Munch Crunch Organics driver Ofer

Meet Ofer!

Hi, My name is Ofer Michaelis and I am thrilled to be part of the Munch Crunch Organics team. I have know Al for over 7 years from when I farmerd and sold fresh cane juice at the Byron Bay farmers markets. I am based now in Brisbane with my wife and two kids. Teaching tai chi in my spare time. I look forward to delivering your next Munch Crunch Organics box if you live in the Brisbane area!   Visit the shop

Invisible green smoothieSchool Holidays Recipe - an Invisible Green Smoothie by Larissa Rose

Larissa is one of our inspiring customers that does more than her bit in creating a sustainable future - through 'Glowing Green' she offers sustainability education programs and was recently involved with the 'Harvest Festival' at Currumbin State Primary School, where the kids are learning and celebrating all things sustainable and positive for the future. We asked Larissa for an easy and healthy recipe for parents to make for their kids: "This is my best green weapon for getting in the amazing greens and beautiful healthy fats into my 2 older kids over the younger toddler years. It's the best way I know my 3 year old has got a belly full of goodies."
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 8cm length of raw zucchini
  • 2 teaspoons of avocado (great brain food and healthy fats)
  • 1⁄2 cup macadamia nuts (great brain food and healthy fats)
  • 4 medjool dates, pitted
  • 2cm length vanilla bean or 1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla paste
  • 500ml milk of choice
  • good pinch cinnamon
Serves 2 Place everything in the blender, and process until really smooth. Add more liquid if your kids like it less thick. Options Small handful of fresh mint and 1 tablespoon of cacao is perfect if your kids like choc-minty flavours. Perfect Spring Summer Smoothie! The zucchini and avocado give the smoothie a really creamy consistency. If you don't have frozen bananas, just add some ice cubes to the smoothie! Enjoy!

Munch Crunch Organics Order DeadlinesThis week's Seasonal Box

The likely box contents for this week's Medium Seasonal box are:
  • Carrots (500g)
  • Sweet Potato - Gold (750g)
  • Apples (750g)
  • Oranges - Navel Premium (750g)
  • Peas - Shelling (250g)
  • Silverbeet (bunch)
  • Tomatoes - Round (500g)
  • Leeks (bunch)
  • Broccoli (500g)
  • Dill (bunch)
  • Banana - Cavendish (1kg)
And don't forget to add further items (extra fruit, veg, bread, dairy, pantry items etc) to your box.

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