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We welcomed the 100mm of rain we received this week after what has been a very dry start to the year. El Nino is clearly evident and whilst we always snag a little bit of coastal rain in the Northern Rivers region we could do with a bit more to fully charge the dams going into the more traditional dry winter months. All in all though are crops are growing well and our newest Farmer, Irvin will soon be harvesting produce to go in your boxes from Bundaleer Organic Farm, near Broken Head. Our sweet potatoes and corn are growing well in Myocum and we also have a nice selection of organic flowers growing courtesy of Sophie from Deer Daisy. Ofer, whom some of you will have met during box deliveries has now also come on board as our farmer liaison and quality control supervisor with the aim of ensuring that your boxes are presented to you at an even higher than our current high standard. Along with the ever enigmatic Margreet, and our trustee packing crew of Jimmy, Sophie and Nicola and driver Mike you are in very good hands. I've therefore accepted a role with the worlds first certified organic fast food chain, Oliver's Real Food as their Head of Organic Farming. My role with them will chiefly to be set up a national framework of certified organic farms, which allows me to follow my passion further of converting as much land in the world to organic farming practices as I possibly can, whilst at the same time encouraging new and existing farmers to become organic so we can help do our bit to alleviate some of the devastating impacts that industrial agriculture has had on the world in the last 50 years. Have a great week and thanks for choosing organic, it really is the way forward. Cheers,

Reduce Food Waste Tips - from Alison Drover

Cooking sustainably is all about being conscious about what you cook with and how to reduce food waste by buying local and seasonal, growing your own, being creative in the kitchen and using up left-overs. General 'Waste not' tips from Alison: • The best tip for cutting down food waste is to review your fridge every few days and work out a rough plan of how you are going to use what you have available. It may seem time consuming but it only takes a few minutes and it allows you to prioritize what you need to use up first and also what combinations of food you have available to create with. • Challenge yourself not to go and buy more food until you have really emptied the fridge. Instead of shopping, improvise with what you have, you will find yourself being more creative with your cooking. • Keep a glass bowl in the fridge on one of the higher shelves so you can see it easily. Move any vegetable odds and ends into it on a daily basis, so you know what needs to be used up first. For example a few left over cooked potatoes, an orange and some greens that are going soft can turn into a warm salad of potatoes, salsa verde dressing, orange segments, red onion and perhaps a ripening avocado. Enjoy! • Start or continue to grow your own food. Choose whether it makes sense to grow your own, join a community garden or garden share. Remember to grow food that you want to eat. • Conserve and preserve to avoid waste and to ensure that you are eating food free from additives and chemical preservatives. • Freeze excess fruit and vegetables. • Compost your food waste. It is essential to help control the problems of waste that are contributing to pollution. If this challenges you, please look for alternative composting solutions (ie. worm farms, etc.) Food scraps and garden trimmings account for about 40 percent of waste in residential garbage. As these organic materials degrade in a landfill, they generate methane, a potent greenhouse gas that traps about 20 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Methane and other greenhouse gases are building up in the atmosphere, thickening the heat-trapping blanket of insulation around the earth. • Buy quality, seasonal, local and ethical produce over imported, cheaper produce. Read more about Alison and her 'Fork in the Field' events.
This week's Seasonal Box:
The likely box contents for this week's Medium Seasonal box are:
  • Corn - Sweet (2 cobs)
  • Oranges - Valencia (500g)
  • Apples (750g)
  • Banana - Cavendish (750g)
  • Zucchini - Small to Medium (500g)
  • Cucumber - Green (400g)
  • Potatoes - Sebago (1kg)
  • Kale - Black (bunch)
  • Tomatoes - Round (400g)
  • Onions - Red (500g)
  • Basil (bunch)
And don't forget to add further items
(extra fruit, veg, bread, dairy, pantry items etc) to your box.
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