Beetroot, Apple and Greens salad

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Recipe by: Melanie Sinclair, The Nutrition Effect (instagram: @the_nutritioneffect)
This is lovely fresh & crunchy salad that is loaded with key nutrients & and even includes both insoluble (greens) and soluble (apples) fibres. Consistently eating a variety of high fibre foods is key to maintaining a healthy weight and aiding fat loss by keeping us feeling full for longer (by attracting water into the bowel) and also encouraging a diverse and robust inner ecosystem of beneficial bacterias which is vital for blood sugar regulation.
·       1 large beetroot (skin on washed) ·       1 apple (skin on, cored and finely sliced) ·       1 handful of snow peas (finely sliced in lengthways) ·       1 cucumber (de-seeded and cut finely - save seeds for smoothie later on) ·       100g soft goats cheese ·       2 handful of rocket (roughly chopped) or: 1 handful of rocket & 1 handful of watercress ·       optional: marjoram leaves Dressing ingredients ·       Olive oil and 1 lemon
To prepare beetroot - either very finely slice and keep as raw OR chop into chunks and mix in a bowl with olive/coconut oil + salt & pepper. In a preheated oven of 180C roast beetroot until soft. Toss all ingredients in a salad bowl, adding the cooled beetroot and optional marjoram leaves Simply drizzle the oil from the goats cheese jar (if marinated) as a dressing with a squeeze a lemon juice or combine lemon juice with 3 parts olive oil in a jar. Season with salt and pepper & shake. Add dressing to salad and serve.
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